FRP rod for optic cable
FRP rod for optic cable

composite cable strength member widely known as FRP/ GRP rod, is to use epoxy resin as foundation combined with the strength of glass fiber through pultrusion technology to produce a new type of high performance non-metallic composite material.  Without drawbacks of traditional metallic strength member, FRP strength member features excellent anti-corrosion, electromagnetic interference free, high tensile strength, low weight, saving energy and environmentally friendly, which are now widely used in various optical fiber cables.

FRP Rod Features
1) High tensile strength, high modulus, low heat conductivity, low stretch, low expansion, wide range of temperature settings.
2) Insensitive to electric shock, suitable for the area with frequent lightning and raining.
3) Free from chemical corrosion. Compared with metal wire, FRP strength member eliminates harmful gas, which can negatively affect cables transmission quality, born chemically by metal and filling gel.
4) Compared with metal wire, FRP strength member is of high strength, low weight, excellent insulation and immune to electromagnetic interference.
5) Optic cables with FRP strength member are available to be installed tight close to power wire and power units, perfectly insulated, free from induction current interference. The transmission efficiency can be improved accordingly.
6) Smooth surface, stable sizes, easy processing and installation contribute to wide range of FRP strength member application.


• Light Weight & Excellent Tensile Strength
• Most Suited for Multi-Loose Tube, Uni Tube, Slotted Core & Ribbon Cable Designs
• Dual Advantage : Reinforcement during Installation as well as Reduce Stress on Signal Carrying Optic Fibre /Conductor

• Used as Central or Peripheral Reinforcement in Fibre Optic Cables

• Prevent Cable Buckling• Prevent Sagging in Aerial Installation
• Cost Effective Solution as a Strength Member


Central strength member for fiber optical Outdoor Cables, Indoor Cables, ADSS Cables, FTTx Cables, etc.

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