KFRP strength member for fiber optic cable

KFRP strength member for fiber optic cable


Aramid fiber reinforced plastic (KFRP) strength member for optical fiber cables is a new kind of high performance non-metallic strengthen core for optic fiber cables ,it has been widely used in the access network.


Characters of KFRP strength member for optical fiber cables KFRP

1.Light weight and high strength: KFRP aramid fiber cable strebgthen core has low density and high strength, the strength and modulus exceed the steel wire and Fiber glass strengthen optical cable core mostly.

2.Low thermal expansion: The coefficient of linear expansion of KFRP optical cable core less than the steel wire and Fiber glass strengthen optical cable core in wide temperature range.

3.Impact and rupture resistant : Not only the KFRP optical cable core has high tensile strength(≥1700Mpa), but has impact resistant and rupture resistant, it will keep the 1300Mpa tensile strength even under the rupturing condition.

4.Good flexibility: KFRP optical cable core light texture, easy to bend, the minimum bending diameter only 24 times of diameter.

5.Make indoor cable compact structure, beautiful, outstanding performance of bending, especially suitable for complicated the indoor environment of the wiring.

About KFRP 

1.Product Specification:




2. Features

1) Light weight and high strength: KFRP has the characteristics of low density and high strength. Its ratio of strength and modulus are higher than those of steel wire and GFRP;

2) Low expansion: KFRP has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than steel wire and GFRP in a wide range of temperature;

3) Impact and break resistance: KFRP has much higher tensile strength (1600Mpa). Even it is broken, the remained tensile strength could be 1300Mpa;

4) Good flexibility: KFRP is flexible and easy to be bent. Its minimum bending diameter is 24 times of the diameter of KFRP rod;

5) Good aesthetic and flexible, especially for the indoor layout.

Specs for 0.45mm

Some pictures:

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