FRP cable tray

FRP pultrusion cable tray has the following advantages:

1, FRP pultrusion cable tray is qualitative light, high strength, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, thermal insulation, conductive, antistatic.

2, FRP pultrusion cable tray deadened the noise of vibration reduction.

3, FRP pultrusion cable tray non-toxic pollution-free.

4, FRP pultrusion cable tray heat resistant and flame retardant.

5, long service life of FRP pultrusion cable tray.And no deformation, no cracks, no halogen moisture absorption and does not return, good volume stability, etc.

6. FRP pultrusion cable tray is distribution flexible, convenient installation and low cost advantages and a wide range of applications.

Groove pultrusion FRP cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray, apply to the communication signals, computer cable, high sensitivity system control cable.It to control cable shielding interference and heavy corrosion environment, the protection of the cable has a good effect.It has the corrosion resistant, anti-aging, high strength, good flame retardant performance, light weight, easy installation, simple, etc

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