About Us

Xi'an KIG Technology Co., Ltd

Xian KIG Technology Co., Ltd was set up in 2010  in ancient Xi’an city. It is a high- tech enterprise and devotes itself to the technological development, production,  sales and service of composite materials, FRP products and other kinds used in  transmission,distribution line, factory,railway,etc. We have another factory  focusing on sacrificial anode,mmo coated titanium anode,platinized anode,lead  oxide anode and other electrodes products.

The employees are well educated and trained  from time to time,focusing on acquiring most advanced knowledge about products  and more understanding of customers’ need. With continuous quality assurance,  competitive price and excellent service. KIG products have been exported to  South Asian, Middle East, Europe and America,etc, totally about 28 countries  and regions

Our company has embraced the inspirational  motto of “a continual pursuit of excellence” since our establishment. We will  persist in making a quality and high-tech company, and scale the company for  fast, healthy, long-lasting development.We promise the quality and after-sale  service is the company’s core value.

You’re welcome to visit xi’an, Shannxi Province,the hometown of our great President Mr.Xi, for sightseeing and business. Any cooperation proposal is welcomed.