standards, regulations and environmental protection

standards, regulations and environmental protection

Epoxy resin products have become an important industrial raw material and are widely used in the production of various industrial products. In recent years, the use of epoxy resin products has become more and more strict due to the increasing concern about the environmental pollution caused by the production of epoxy resin products.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of epoxy resin products, and also to strengthen the environmental protection work.

The current situation of the development and application of epoxy resin products in China is summarized in the following.

1.Standardization and Regulation
China's epoxy resin products have been standardized and regulated in accordance with the requirements of the national and international standards and regulations. The relevant standards and regulations mainly include national standards such as GB/T 20112-2006 《热固性酚醛树脂》, GB/T 19945-2005《酚醛树脂》, GB/T 19952-2005《环氧树脂》, GB/T 19953-2005《酚醛树脂》, GB/T 19954-2005《氨基树脂》, GB/T 19955-2005《不饱和聚酯树脂》, GB/T 19956-2005《环氧树脂用酚类化合物》, GB/T 19957-2005《酚醛树脂用酚类化合物》, GB/T 19958-2005《环氧树脂用不饱和聚酯树脂》, GB/T 19959-2005《环氧树脂用双酚A型环氧树脂》, GB/T 19960-2005《环氧树脂用乙烯基醚类树脂》, GB/T 19961-2005《环氧树脂用甲基丙烯酸酯类树脂》, GB/T 19962-2005《环氧树脂用含羟基环氧树脂》, GB/T 19963-2005《环氧树脂用不饱和聚酯树脂》, GB/T 19964-2005《环氧树脂用酸酐》, GB/T 19965-2005《环氧树脂用酚醛树脂》, GB/T 19966-2005《环氧树脂用胺类固化剂》, GB/T 19967-2005《酚醛树脂用胺类固化剂》, GB/T 19968-2005《环氧树脂用过氧化苯甲酰》, GB/T 19969-2005《环氧树脂用有机硅改性酚醛树脂》, GB/T 19970-2005《环氧树脂用端羧基聚酰胺酸固化剂》, GB/T 19971-2005《环氧树脂用羟基化环氧树脂》, GB/T 19972-2005《环氧树脂用甲基丙烯酸酯类树脂》, GB/T 19973-2005《环氧树脂用酚醛树脂》, GB/T 19974-2005《环氧树脂用聚酰胺酸》, GB/T 19975-2005《环氧树脂用过氧化二异丙苯》, GB/T 19976-2005《环氧树脂用硫黄》, GB/T 19977-2005《环氧树脂用纳米二氧化钛》, GB/T 19978-2005《环氧树脂用胺类固化剂》, GB/T 19979-2005《环氧树脂用马来酸酐》, GB/T 19990-2005《环氧树脂用聚酰胺酯》, GB/T 19991-2005《酚醛树脂用酚醛树脂》, GB/T